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    Lack of inclusion or understanding in a business structure—whether intentional or unintentional—can create mistrust, distance and tension in the workplace. It’s not always easy for business owners and supervisors to know exactly how to implement conversations and processes around inclusion, or how crisis of exclusion should be handled.

    To Live In Color provides guidance on a consulting basis. This “Inclusion Consulting” includes speaking sessions, workshops and training, as well as strategy sessions. These services allow owners and operators to educate themselves and their staff on the role of inclusion and how it positively impacts their business’ success for the present and future. These small changes may be structural, fundamental, or communication-based.


    Here are a few of the services To Live In Color provides:


    Ongoing Consulting for pre-existing Businesses / Organizations
    Includes monthly on site visits, inclusion management, direct customer service for inclusion needs

    Start Up Consulting
    4 power sessions to assist start ups build a business based on Inclusion

    Event Consulting
    Consulting for particular event

    Workshops & Trainings

    Defining Inclusion
    Introductory staff training on inclusion as it relates to their setting

    Getting Started with Inclusion
    How to guide for fueling inclusion programs

    Changing the Narrative
    Educative session on creating inclusive language and environments

    Making Sense
    How to create a sensory friendly culture and client experience

    How to Maintain an Inclusive Workspace
    Our workplace is diverse; what’s next?

    PR & Inclusion
    Engaging with diverse clientele and broadening consumer markets

    Additional Services

    On Site Prep
    Preparation for live events and day of coordinating for inclusion initiatives (eg. preparing sensory room, nursing stations, etc)

    Off Site Prep
    Creating materials to assist projected audiences enjoy a specific event/environment (eg. sensory maps for local theatre, sequencing story on visiting the airport)  

    Client Inclusion Liaison
    Fulfilling the need a business has for communication and coordination with a client for initiatives

    Inclusion Expert for Panelist and Podcasts
    To Live In Color is available to bring our expertise on the inclusion narrative in all aspects

    Please note: Topics can be customized to target specific inclusion conversation needs and can be discussed with Olivia prior to scheduling the specific engagement or appearance.


    To Live In Color is available to help you evaluate just how your village is working to guide your narrative in the direction you want it to go.