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    Have you ever heard the old idiom “it takes a village” from someone who’s embarking on a new life event? It’s often said in jest, but there’s a hefty amount of truth behind it. If we’re all honest with ourselves, we can admit that having a strong family unit, and, essentially, having a well-rounded life of success, does indeed take a village.

    Sometimes you just need a little help in creating and executing a transitional plan so that success can truly be achieved. That’s where To Live in Color comes in—and where founder, Olivia Chisholm brings developed theories, expertise, and her dynamic interpersonal skills into the lives of families.

    To Live In Color is proud to be present as an addition and supportive part of a well-rounded lens of care for individuals. “Present” has many meanings in this regard. For families and individuals looking to grow and expand in key areas, “present” may be anything from weekly sessions to attending a client’s extra curricular events. Through an assessment approach in which integrates Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs*,  the key areas that are lacking in daily life needed for a sustainable lifestyle for families will be addressed.

    * Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a psychological theory with 5 tiers. Each tier focuses on what a person needs to reach their full potential.  Beginning in the basic survival needs, then transcending to self- actualization (a person is the best version of themselves). Abraham Maslow believed that one could not be motivated and/or transcend until the prior level needs were met. To Live In Color believes life is a bit less black and white; even changing Maslow’s traditional pyramid shape to a more fluid circles. To Live In Color’s theory is to help pinpoint priority needs and how the stages relate to their lives during tough transitions. See TLC’s spin on Maslow’s theory is called “Process to Life Gains” shown on this page.


       Transitioning into Adulthood

       Transition Through Puberty

       General Youth & Young Adult Transitioning

       Transitioning out of Rehabilitation

       Transitioning out of Juvenile Hall


    To Live In Color is available to help you evaluate just how your village is working to guide your narrative in the direction you want it to go.