• to live in color

    “To Live in Color” is to embrace inclusion at every facet, whether that’s done as a business, an entrepreneur,  an individual, an organization, or as a family unit. When the worlds we create center on inclusion, we create an abundance of possibilities and opportunities for not just others, but ourselves.   Simply stating your entity is “ADA accessible” or checking the marks of diversity, drastically reduces the power that inclusion can have on success.

    To Live In Color, founded by Olivia Chisholm, remains dedicated to advising entities, organizations and families in finding balance and progression with their inclusion goals. Through private sessions, consulting, speaking engagements and a research-based 5-Step approach, To Live In Color aims to bridge the gap between how businesses or families currently operate and how to improve inclusion, help transitions and promote independence.


    Before moving to Charlotte, NC and establishing herself as a sought-after inclusion consultant, Olivia grew up and resided in Columbia, SC. She went on to excel as a pediatric, and geriatric, Occupational Therapist Assistant in Charlotte, NC. She developed a first-hand view of the everyday challenges uniquely-abled individuals encountered, especially with older adolescents and young adults.

    Olivia decided to dedicate her time to finding solutions to these challenges by advocating for better inclusion within establishments and corporate settings. By bridging the gap between traditional care and uniquely-abled individuals’ needs for community engagement, she saw an opportunity to re-frame the lens through which cities and businesses operated.

    Through her work as a consultant with the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, Arts Access, and Microsoft, where Olivia brought her own perspectives and ideas. She continues her work in bridging the gap, and has expanded toward working with minorities, mental health advocacy and specialized mentor-ship for teens and families facing new challenges.

    Olivia’s brings a kaleidoscope of empathy, solutions and colors to the gray matters so often left unimproved and unattended to in the community. When she’s not bringing the color to her career, she seeks it out through her passion for art and local engagement. It’s not uncommon to find her enjoying a latte at a local shop, spending hours in galleries or exploring a new city.